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Whiz to Coho DSL is currently available in Qwest or Centurytel phone territories. Please click HERE or call us and we can check whether DSL is available on your phone line. We are no longer offering DSL through Verizon.

If your phone line qualifies, and you are ready to order DSL, Click HERE ,send us a note or call 503-647-5957 and we can order the DSL for you (whether you choose us as your ISP or not). The benefit of doing this is that the Telco works with directly with us and you don't have to spend your time calling and trying to reach the right person in the right department. Once we have placed the order, a representative of the Telco will call you and confirm the order details and pricing.

If your phone line doesn’t qualify for DSL, but you still want faster speeds, check out our other options. Our wireless does not require a phone line and is available in rural areas where DSL is not available.

If you don't qualify for high speed, or if you just need a dial-up account, please give us a chance to show you how Whiz to Coho can make your dial up modem access more reliable and less frustrating. We provide friendly customer care and technical support, industry leading modem to user ratios (with a no busy signals policy) and our modem accelerator which allows you to surf more quickly. Click on dial-up to learn more.


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